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Click here to find a PPO provider in Arizona.
♦Non-Network Providers
All medical charges from Non-Network Providers will be capped by this Trust Fund at 150% of Medicare's Allowable. If you go to a NON-NETWORK PROVIDER and they do not accept the 150% of Medicare's Allowable they could balance bill you for their charges over and above the 150% of Medicare's Allowable amount. 
Click here to find a pharmacy.
Envision Pharmacy: (800) 361-4542
Envision Mail Order: (866) 909-5170
Envison Specialty Drug: (877) 437-9012
Click here to obtain vision services.
Phone: (800) 999.5431
Click here to find a dental provider.
Phone: (800) 352.6132
Phone: (800) 873-7138

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