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Southwest Multi-Craft Health & Welfare Trust Fund

Southwest Multi-Craft  Health & Welfare Trust Fund will Exclude Non-Medical / Non-Medically Necessary COVID 19 Testing

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Members who reside in Arizona, click here to find a PPO provider.
Members who reside outside of Arizona, click here to find a PPO provider.
Click here for more information on Blue 365 - A Discount Program
Out of Network Providers Must Submit Claims Directly to Southwest Service Administrators -Electronic Payor ID CX100
Members who reside in Utah, Click above to find PPO provider.
Health Care Blue Book - Use your Last Name and date of birth.

Click here to access Healthcare Bluebook - a free online and mobile tool that allows you and your family to compare the prices of hundreds of health care services offered by providers in your area, including In-Network Providers.


Express Scripts

Express Scripts Customer Service: 866-544-6849
In-Network Dentists will provide dental services to members at a discount.

Now available through text/online messaging! Call us for details 1-800-873-7138

Mines & Associates has taken over as your Member Assistance Program (MAP) provider for all members.
Each of your household members are also eligible- spouse, children, etc.
Each person in eligible for 3 free sessions per year, not subject to the deductible.
Contact Mines & Associates at 1-800-873-7138 for more information

eM Life

To access the new eM Life service, employees will need to log into MINES PersonalAdvantage and click the eM Life tile to get started. Users will need to set up an individual account and use your company’s online username/company code when logging in for the first time. 

eM Life offers live, virtual mindfulness solutions to help you create connections with yourself and others while building skills to manage stress and anxiety, improve focus, and enhance your overall well-being. Features include: 

  • Live daily 14-minute mindfulness programs, led by experts multiple times a day. 
  • Hundreds of hours of on-demand content on a wide range of topics including leadership, diversity and inclusion and anxiety. 
  • Expert-led community to gain support and purpose. 
  • Game and meditation timer to help you build and sustain healthy habits. 
  • Easy accessibility through MINES’ online portal. 

Explanation of Benefits

Click here to reprint an explanation of benefits


For Precertification, call American Health Group at 800-847-7605. Prior authorization must be obtained prior to ANY hospitalization. Emergency admissions must be reported within 48 hours.
Inpatient Admissions and Partial Hospitalization for Behavioral Health (Mental Health and Substance Abuse) must be pre-certified by calling American Health Group at 1-800-847-7605
Healthcare Bluebook - American Health Group
This has been selected as an added benefit for you and your family.
You can shop for care, compare facilities, and save money on your medical services. Find out if your Doctor protects you from overpaying for healthcare.
Start Saving Now!
Access Healthcare Bluebook by logging into

You can see a doctor or behavioral health specialist without leaving the comfort of your own home.  24/7 access to an independently contracted, board-certified MDLIVE doctor via phone, online video or mobile app


MDLIVE doctors can treat a variety of non-emergency conditions




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