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Lovelace Care Concierge

Click above to find a doctor or call (505) 727-2727 or 1-800-727-2701

BCBS PPO Provider

Click above to find a provider "Provider Finder" or call 1-800-810-2583

BCBS Transition of Care

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If you or a family member is currently in treatment for a particular medical condition (i.e. chemotherapy, third trimester of pregnancy, etc.) and such treatment will no longer be covered at the PPO benefit level due to the BCBSIL PPO network transition, please have your treating physician contact the Fund Office to receive a  Transition  of Care  form.  By  completing  the  Transition  of  Care  form,  you  may  be  able  to  continue to receive services for your medical condition with health care providers who are not in the PPO network at the PPO benefit level. If approved, this care is for a defined period of time until the safe transfer  of  care  to  a  PPO  physician  or  facility  can  be  arranged.  More details can be  obtained  by  contacting the Fund Office at (505) 265‐8422 and (800) 432‐6636.

MDLIVE Telemedicine Program

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MDLIVE is a telemedicine program that delivers quality healthcare by using Board‐certified doctors who can diagnose and treat many common minor illnesses. Convenient 24/7/365 nationwide access to Board‐certified doctors from your home, office, or on the road.

MDLIVE can be used for the following: Colds, sore throats, flu, allegories, infections, upset stomach, pink eye, or rashes.
If you are considering the ER or urgent care for a non‐emergency issue; and
for short‐term prescriptions or re‐fills, when appropriate.

American Health Group(AHG)

Click above for website or call 1-800-847-7605

Precertification*AHG  also offers patient advocacy  and  voluntary  case  management  services  that  assist  members  and  families in navigating their way through the healthcare system to make informed medical choices, work effectively  with  providers,  understand  their  benefit  options,  and  become  educated  and  self‐directed  consumers of healthcare.

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SMART Humana

For Medicare-Eligible Retirees & Medicare-Eligible Spouses of Retirees who participate in the SMART Humana Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan Option2



For Medicare-Eligible Retirees & Medicare-Eligible Spouses of Retirees who participate in the Prebyterian Senior Care HMO-POS Employer Plan 4







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